When did we stop loving one another?

I turned on the news last night because I couldn't sleep and learned that people have lost their minds all the way. To be honest I don't want everyday people walking around with AR-15s or any other weapons that were meant for military action. I mean are you crazy thinking that's ok? Sure we should be able to carry guns that will protect ourselves and our families but not that military stuff. What is your point? I love the way guns blow but dang it's just too much.

Another issue in the world is mental health. Why is it so hard to get people to understand this problem is a real one? Everyone knows someone that's dealing with some form of mental health problems but no one seems to care to fix it. I'm not for popping pills or injecting people with some truly unknown toxins but I am all for a spiritual healing. It's like where is God? We were made in his image and created to worship in truth and in spirit but everyone wants to exclude the creator and come up with their own hypothesis about treatments and cures. I'm calling BS on all of it.

My auntie once told me in a brief conversation that we were put here for each other and it makes sense to gather from that plus what the scriptures say about loving the Father and loving one another that this is the fulfillment of the law, God's law. I'm not religious at all but the truth is the truth and walking around on a wave of deception is not how I want to rock with life. People are out here robbing, stealing and killing because of their circumstances. I'm not saying it's right but the curse is real.

When did we as people stop caring about the next person? I don't care if your white or black, I respect all people and love life. This world is becoming colder each day we look at our brothers and sisters suffering and chose to do nothing to help change the climate of hate and confusion. How are military weapons getting in the hands of civilians anyway? Just like there are people out in the world mixing up and selling pills that look like the real deal but it's not and it's killing people because they want that fix instead of praying and having faith that the God who created all things can heal them.

Don't look for Yahweh outside in the world because he ain't there. He is in everything and everyone. The next person that walks up to me or that I interact with is gonna get these hands laid on them, not fighting hands but these praying hands lol. peace&love


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