The words are coming back to me

A Poem 09.14.2019

There aren't enough words to express my love so I'll always have poetry to spit with quick wit
I've got verses that flow and you already know I'm down with you like forever
Seeing you with her is not a wave I want to ride so I back up and listen to your heart's desires and still I admire


Still respect the life you chose to live as long as time with me you freely give
Via calls or text
As long as I'll always be next
On your mind, embedded deep in your heart
Always mine, always I'll love you
Love like when summer is over and fall has just begun
Love long like a harsh winter that seems to never be done
You were the one then
You're still him now
You give me life each time you make me laugh or smile
This shit is crazy because the more I think of us I contemplate going the extra mile


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