God's Promise

Rainbows bring tears to my eyes
Joyful, humbling tears
And I remember that in the beginning there was the word and the word was alive and breathing

Truth, life and instructions

Instructing us to love and obey, worship in truth and in spirit
And I become overwhelmed about the creator and everything I've made it through
Everything that brought me here to you
Nothing is more beautiful to me than those multiple colors in the sky
As children we wonder why until we come of age and understand that in his image we were made
And in his word we must trust
Most importantly, without faith it is impossible to please him

I get all of these thoughts and feelings from witnessing Yah's promise and acknowledging the gift that is my life and the lives of others around me
I thank the most high for giving me the sight to see him and the heart to love him and trust that as long as I seek him, he is very present in my life
My family is incomplete without him
So yes rainbows bring tears to my eyes because it's more evidence that he is real


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